Mechanical Custom Engineering

The art of making any system work is the ability to make all of the components fit together to ensure they all operate at their optimum capability. This can be critically important when integrating mechanical systems where incorrect couplings and brackets can seriously impair accuracy and performance.

custom engineering

Broderick Custom Engineering

In Broderick’s early days 40 years ago, many of the manufactured assemblies required skilled toolmakers to produce precision products. Broderick are proud that we still have those capabilities and our skilled craftsmen are still able to design and manufacture custom made components and products.

Motors, gearboxes, encoders and interface devices are of little use unless they fit together and in many instances standard couplings or mountings may not be suitable. This may be particularly relevant in existing or older installations or where space is at a premium.

Broderick offer custom design, engineering and advice service for our customers to enable them to get the best out of their installation. If required, we can visit your operation and offer a ‘made to measure’ solution designed and manufactured to your exact requirements.

We can undertake any type of custom mechanical engineering required, typically these may include:-

  • Mounting arrangements
  • Bracketry
  • Couplings


Electrical Custom Engineering

Encoders and other speed control and interface devices, especially in older applications often don’t quite ‘fit together’. Broderick can advise, design and manufacture custom interfaces to integrate to modern control systems.

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