Cam Limit SwitchesThe Broderick Cam limit switch is mounted to a rotating shaft to determine position at specific points of the rotation determined by the position of the cam. The cams are used to mechanically operate switches to enable control functions for each position.

Cam Limit Switches

Cam limit switches can have from one to twelve fully adjustable cams. They can have gearboxes or encoders fitted to the shaft to extend the functionality of each application.

Broderick Cam Limit Switches are used successfully on presses, stamping machines, forging presses, sheet metal forming machines, welding machinery, machine tools, packaging machines, assembly machinery, transfer lines, transport equipment, lifts, elevators, construction machinery, mining equipment, steelworks and in the automobile industry

A typical mining application could be a multi-way cam box used for deceleration, stop and overwind protection at each end of a hoist.

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